Do you watch any game shows?
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If so, which ones do you watch and how frequently?  I noticed for awhile that a lot of the game shows were starting to make it into the primetime slots after the reality TV phase sort of died down—now however it seems like there are a lot less options, but this year it spiked again due to the writers strike.

I used to watch jeopardy and still do every once in awhile if it’s on, and for the first so many weeks I was an avid Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Weakest Link fan, but they grew old to me.

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I like the family fued and the price is right. I think though that the price is right was better when bob barker was doing it. I watch some of the other to I just cant think of them all right now. I use to watch that game show channel that had alot of the older game shows on it.

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I only liked who wants to be a Millionaire & that’s by far the only game show i saw.There are some quite good others too. smile

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I use to watch a lot of game shows when I had a preview of the Game Show Network for a month for free, haha. I loved watching Pyramid! I don’t know why, but it was just so entertaining and well, a great game show. I do like the game shows that are on every night too, such as Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Price is Right and Jeopardy. I love watching the “Kids” or “Teen” Jeopardy though, it makes me feel smart when I know the answers, haha. How many times have I watched Jeopardy and I would be asking my sister, “How in the world do they know that?” Jeopardy is a truly smart game show and well, I’m surprised at how much all the contestants know! The Weakest Link was great, haha, I don’t remember the hosts name, but I do remember her voice and her glasses.