Split into more specific subforums
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Been looking around… and no offense but my eyes got dizzy @_@
Is it possible to split certain forums into more specific sections? Having all the generic stuff in one forum is kind of hard to navigate.

To start, here are my suggestions:
Video Games
-Gameboy series

Hot Deals (Maybe we should include the Free Stuff board here too?)
-Non Computer Related

Computer Software and Hardware

Those are some, but I do hope you listen, seeing everything in one section is kind of confusing.

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Fantastic suggestion. I believe subforums/subtopics would make it a lot easier and focused on that specific topic. Hopefully Gear Live Forums will try to carry out this suggestion soon, but if they’re busy, I think waiting a couple of months wouldn’t be too bad.

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I completely agree with that. Adding subforums would make it so much easier to navigate within each of the forums. I think it gets kind of annoying having to wade through a forum lets say on software and it contains software for every OS out there when you are trying to find something specific to say Windows or Mac. It would definitely make the forums a bit more user friendly.

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very great idea i have to agree the forum will be much more easier to navigate through…

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Nice idea.it will make the forum look much organized.Subforums should be there for sure. L)