Bleeding Edge TV 264: Installing a hard drive in a Mac Pro
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What we like about the Mac Pro is that designed it in such a way that it is super simple to upgrade - especially as it pertains to hard drives. In this episode, we show you how easy it is to add a new hard drive to your Mac Pro in under five minutes!


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Though i have not used mac’s but still from video its looks quite easy. You do a good job on those videos Andru. I have been seeing mac’s on review sites. and internet but didn’t have much money to buy a pc. The LOok of mac has always been awesome as compared to other similar ranging systems. But its more of a artist favouring device in my opinion than a gaming system. Though its powerful but its not as largely supported for a simple reason running on macintosh. But what M i talking. Gone were the days when people used to buy windows based system and used to neglect macs and linux. NOw the trends are changing , with internet at its heights people have started to now about different systems and devices. Use of linux. macintosh have increased over past 6 years. I hope it goes that well and This mac pro increases its sells.

Thought I m a goner in macs but i have always liked the interface of macs. it has always been better than windows systems. And right it is, It was an apple computer that was the first device i used way back in 1992 when computer meant a special things kept in an AC room, used to run with a floppy and has a keyboard and a simple ball mouse. the old apples, i can’t forget my Class 3rd(grade 3rd) when i used them . From that time macs and apple has come a lot way ahead making things big and interesting and powerful. I would try mac pro atleast ones.

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Yeah you do do a good job on the videos. That did look quite easy to do. I dont suppose you would ever do a video on putting a hard in a regular computer or replacing one? I would love to learn how interchange all the parts in a computer, I love to learn things like that!!

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Great Job at the videos!  And great job to Nate at recording.  I was actually a little surprized to see how effortless it was to install the HDD.. I mean I thought you’d have to AT LEAST connect one cable, but nope.. just slide in.. screw in a few screws and you are done.  Awesome.

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Another great video! The amount of effort that is needed to install the hard drive was surprising. Even though I don’t own a Mac Pro… it’s still cool! If I ever get a Mac Pro, I’d like to thank you guys for the video. 😛

- BoogerJay

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As i said in a thread before, i’ll let my friend Paul know about this.He has a Macbook Pro .Thanks for the nice video. 😊

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Andru, u made it really simple using a screw driver, a mac pro, hard drive
Upgrading a ram and hard drive as u said is very easy Andru
But i got a little bit confused with the four screws, and thank hp for sponsoring the show, and Andru, i will also keep by box plate open always, coz i ill be removing hard drive always, i think it is a quick tip andru.