Can I get some Clan support?
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Hi guys, long time no blog.

Here’s my situation. I’ve been playing COD4 since about a week after it came out and I’ve been having a blast and making a blast. Well, one thing lead to another and I find myself as a leader of a brand-spankng new clan.

Problem is, I don’t really know what to do. the COD4 guide book has a short chapeter on clans but it hasn’t really helped.

The clan is mostly COD4 focused and it’s pretty much a casual clan in that it’s not competetive (yet) and some of our members have affiliations with other clans( I don’t know, is that normal or not?).

I would appreciate any help and suggestions that you can send my way.


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Not sure how to help you out with this as I haven’t had as much time with game lately. I can check it out for you though. Some one at Thats the site that we post our podcasts from. Check out the forums. fanman, StevenO, or lancer may have a better idea about it.