Virginia website design: Selected pages
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The site designers of Virginia website design are selective in case of selecting pages for the site. They are very particular about including the page called ?About Us?.  ?About Us? is a page meant to give all the information regarding the site and the company for which it has been designed. This page gives the information regarding the origin of the company, its making, its evolutionary history, letter of the proprietor to the mass in general, its objectives, achievements and all those things that are related to it. This is an exclusive page that talks about the company all the time and gives al the information related to it. This page acts as a kind of convincer. This is a very important page as it tells the customer about whom the company actually is and why they should buy the products, services and have full trust on the organization. It can also feature the business hours or when they can speak to someone live. Information about the bricks and mortar store are also given, if the company has got any. A lot of companies also take account of their assignment or function on this page, details of their staff along with the photos, biographies, qualifications, etc. for the recently completed projects. This gives hype to the psychological attachment of the customer to the creators of the site. Other information are also there. These information include; ACN or ABN, logo, directions to the store and the office. The page that guarantees the customers for the best services and the products in the industry publishes an online guarantee card and thus this page is all about ?Guarantee? and the assurances related to the company. This page includes various options like; offering a ?money back? guarantee. The longer the guarantee, the more effective it will be. It could be 30 days, 60 days, 1 year or lifetime. As it is known to all that the construction of a web site is done on the basis of the surveys that are done by the experts. Thus there can be a page dedicated to the ?Survey? done by the teams. This also can be added with the purpose to find out what customers think about the website, business or product. This will give the direct exposure to the impressions as the customer collects over the site. thus while creating all these specific pages the designer has to collect each and every information about the business with all correct data and figures.