Bleeding Edge TV 258: CES 2008: Mustek’s DV520HD digital HD camcorder
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If you’re into High Definition technology, check out the DV520HD from Mustek. It records videos and photos in 1080i high def. This makes it easy to point-and-shoot, hook up to your entertainment system, and easily enjoy. You can now re-live those lovely vacation sunsets on your HDTV. Available this month for $199 USD, which isn’t bad for an ultra-portable high definition camera at the consumer level.


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Well having a cam in family means, we can capture our life and recall it from time to time, its keeping record of what we were. Now days its getting high tech and high def. Literally, the more details our video has better its for view and showing. After all our nieghbour must Know that we have a high def recording device at our service. Just making the person jealous, apart from this joke. I thing the mustek have always had good products. this Dv520hd is a great asset to there series of cams, 1080i is quite a resolution. It need sufficient hardware in both players and a computer to play the high def video. With cam in the hand u just connect it to TV and start the play, Your cam as much can play as it can show it on tV. Good video by the way.