Bleeding Edge TV 256: CES 2008: A look at gadget shopping site
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[gearlive][/gearlive] presents a unique take on gadget comparison shopping. By spidering a veritable avalanche of shopping comparison sites, they compile a near-comprehensive snapshot of just about every gadget they can, including feature sets, average reviews and price points. They plot these into neat regression charts that outline a given gadgets “value” as determined by its number of features plotted against its price. They’re also able to sort things into cost points like “high end”, “mid range” and “budget” and make comparisons based on these facts. Since their spider is constantly compiling and recompiling new data points, they’re able to recategorize a given gadget as its prices change and as more reviews become available.


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I must go and view the site! look nice in video. Lets me the whats the reality there.

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I think that I should of used this site when buying a digital camera. The one I have is ok but its not the best, as far as shaking. I mean the pictures turn out ok unless someone moves just at the right time and then they are blurred. It takes a second for it to actually take the picture. I wish I would of known about this website then maybe I would of had a better camera.

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Sounds and looks like a pretty nice website. I’ll probably go and take a look at it now and again, and I’ll probably search for a few things on there when I need them. I should have know about this earlier. D: Thanks for showing us it, and great video!

- BoogerJay

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Sounds a pretty nice site with loads of stuffs.I must check it out.Didn’t know about this site earlier.

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I think retrovo made it really user friendly and much easy with its graphical capability