Bleeding Edge TV 253: CES 2008: LG concept watch up close
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We couldn’t quite get our hands on the LG Watch Phone concept (and they were stopping all non-press individuals from even taking photos, which always seems strange to us) but we did get to talk to an LG rep about what the concept may evolve into and what features are working already. The screen is gorgeous and they’ve built the system to work with just three buttons, including a jog button of sorts, which lets you scroll easily. The concept sends and receives texts and is currently built to work on GSM but they said they haven’t finalized providers or networks yet, and could easily be made to work on CDMA. Check the video for some close-up shots of the clock on the watch in operation and the nice screen and sleek design.


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Thats different I would think that the screen would be to small for texting and things. It is cool that now they have cell phone watches that is very different and never even heard of anything like that until now. All that scrolling though to be able to text would take forever I dont know if I personally would like that to well. I do think that it is neat and different that it is a watch, just a couple things I dont know if it were work out that great or not.

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A microphone for a watch and i liked the calling function that we have using this and i want to say, i liked the video of windows live space