Bleeding Edge TV 252: CES 2008: Etymotic Research EDGE earbuds, Bluetooth headset
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Etymotic is out with some new earphones, which we got a look at during CES. Developed specifically for gamers, the EDGE (an acronym for Enhanced Definition Gaming Earphones) Acoustics line of earphones has been created to give gamers an edge (har har) by using spatial cues to make them more aware of what’s going on around them within a game. The earphones have a microphone and send switch, so they eliminate the need for separate microphones on the desk and are also compatible with most standard VOIP hardware.


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Well being a gamer myself this is something that I want to look into. I love to play games and this sounds like something that could benefit me. I like the fact that they make you hear the game alot better and they even made them so that you could talk to other gamers, that was great. I have seen the very last one in this video of course it is 4 years old so thats probably why but you know even though some of these videos are that old some people havent heard of some of these things so they are still very imformational.

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Now we can use some other ear phones for ipod than normal ones, and with blue tooth noise canceling thing its really great.