Bleeding Edge TV 251: Jensen iPod speakers and HD Radio
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Everyone loves iPod speakers. At least that’s what I’m thinking, after taking a look at the market. Jensen’s newest offerings, the JiSS 550 and JiSS 330, retailing for $129 and $99 respectively. Both docks include side flow bass ports for crisper sound and remote controls, and both are available now. Jensen also shows us their HD Radio-enabled iPod speaker, which should be available in April. Check out the video for all the details.


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Those speakers look awsome…we have been looking for some speakers that not only work well, but look great too. The sound quality is great and the black eyed peas would be something I’d be playing on them often. I’ll be looking at target or kohls in order to get them for myself in the near future.

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The ported concept is a very good one. I had to search far and wide to find a set of ear plugs that played sound halfway decent, and the ones I found use that same idea. I do wonder why Jensen does not make a port or adapter for other mp3 players for those who do not own an ipod? It irks me that all the good stuff is for the ipod, and they don’t even bother to make even a small cable adapter for those who use the other types of players.

All in all, those speakers are really fantastic, and so are the black eyed peas. they really picked a good song to demo for their speakers.

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Those speakers were awesome, I wouldnt mind having some of those myself. I liked the radio to, you could hear a song on the radio and tag it thats cool, I wouldnt have to remember song titles or singers names. And you can talk at the same time that is cool to and I would like to have one just to hear the music clearer.

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Speakers, For a gamer its a must things good speaker or a Good headphone is must, For a music and entertainment geek its a necessity. and for a musician and an Audio tester its life. So its more like all of three things for me. Good awesome speakers. I hope they have good quality when i here them in real life. video sounds good.

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Those speakers are really different , like lights i mean design, i am really confused that air thing that he said, i really din’t know what hd techlogy is but i understood it well, thanks andru.