Bleeding Edge TV 250: Slacker Portable and Slacker Internet Radio
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Slacker Internet radio is going portable! Slacker offers free, sponsored Internet radio with 1 to 2 minutes of interstitial ads per hour. In its free service, Slacker allows 6 skips per hour per station, but with over 100 genre stations to be listened to (working out to the ability to skip 600 songs per hour), even the most skip-happy listener can satisfy their urge to get to the next song quickly. Slacker’s Premium membership offers unlimited skips and saving and replaying favorite songs starting at $7.50/month. We get the scoop on the Slacker portable player in this episode - if you love music, this is one to watch. A fantastic alternative to an iPod, we think. Really awesome service.


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You wont have to be forced to listen to a song that you really dont want to listen to, and they have a variety of stations to listen to. I think that is nice to have, mean the person is in control of the radio instead of the radio being in control of you. Thats cool that you can make your own stations to. I will have to go to the website and check it out.

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I think the coolest thing is that without registration at their website we can hear to radio and also we can create our own personalized radio stations, I think this is a radio station like Pandora, I think with this we need not buy any more songs, i mean when u selected rihanna, it showed all the songs of rihanna, but when coming to its free features as he said i wont go backward
The only best reason i liked it is that we can make our own personalized radio stations.