Bleeding Edge TV: CES 2008: eJamming softtware
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[gearlive][/gearlive] was at Showstoppers during CES 2008 and saw fit to show off their new, cool offering. eJamming is an online live jam session tool, comprised of software that allows geographically disparate artists to get together, play together and record together live on the net. The software accounts for latency by forcing a small delay back through each of the players monitors of between 10-30 milliseconds, which they say takes a musician about 30 minutes to get used to (And is similarly experienced in some live systems.) By matching the latency based on distance and adjusting for it appropriately, the musicians can play together and record together fully in synch. What’s more, they’re moving towards a model that will allow them to sell access to guest users, to hear the live music.


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Marvelous one!!!  The launch of the eJamming software for the PC opens the doors for millions of potential users.It mainly aims to build an online community of musicians around the world who will be able to collaborate, share ideas, and create music by simply plugging in their instruments into their home computer.It can even be used as a productive tool among members of the music business who need to collaborate with others across the country. It’s truly innovative software that promises to change the way people make music.