Bleeding Edge TV: CES 2008: HTC Touch, Verizon 5800 cell phones
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The folks at HTC Smart Mobility have some new cell phones to talk about, such as the Verizon 5800, with its easy-to-use, layout and interface with QWERTY keyboard, perfect for both the corporate exec—and the soccer mom. And we loved the HTC Touch, HTC’s entry in the iPhone-killer wars. The Touch has a touch screen (duh), utilizes Windows Mobile 6, and has an interface with impressive 3D elements. To learn more about both phones, and HTC’s new TouchFLO technology, check out the video.


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Not that I would need this phone I have a motorola W370 and my service is Tracfone which works great for me. I dont get many calls, the only complaint I have is that they have doen something to the phone so that you have to buy ringtones from them and I dont think someone should be forced to buy something from somewhere. But on to the phones that are on the video, I like the phones that have the keyboard that slide out, looks like it would be easier to text someone then it is on a regular keypad.  And I like the touch screen phone to would be much faster to use.