Bleeding Edge TV: CES 2008: Motorola S9 headphones
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With music phones on the rise, Motorola has smartly continued development of their wireless headphone line. Their 2nd generation Bluetooth headphones feature longer battery life, better sound, and handsfree headset capabilities letting you stop the rock to talk at the mere press of a button. Available now to go with the A2DP cellphone of your choice.


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My friend got a pair of these, they claimed that it’s sweat proof, but after he went running with it and the touch buttons no longer work and sometime buttons get pressed even though he didn’t push any button. Sweat=H2O + Na Salt water is not good with electronics.

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Sounds like a good pair of headphones, I might look into buying these. Has anyone else bought these, and getting the same problems tsunzilla has mentioned in his last post? Just so I know, incase I go out to buy a pair.

- BoogerJay

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I have used one of those from a friend i have , and i must tell you its one good piece of device in the area. swift , easy to use. and quite powerful. atleast as powerful as other good quality speakers.

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Sounds good I will have to check it out, good review on them. Motorola is pretty good product. Although I am not into headphones kinda like these, it sounds good to me and I will look into it and see if maybe I may really like to have them and use them.