Bleeding Edge TV: CES 2008: iPod bling cases by Merkury Inovations
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Today’s tween girls are a huge market, and Merkury Innovations’ Fashionation line is just for them. Their cases, star-shaped speakers and more come in neon and other cool colors, and many of the cases have embedded rhinestones for that bling factor.


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although I dont own an Ipod, but if I did I would have to go with is probably the neon green. I dont know if I really like the rhinstones in it or not. I am not really into bling like that. The speakers are ok, not that I would need them unless I had an Ipod. But I like the fact that you can choose the different colors. Although they should come out with more colors to choose from I think.

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Old thread littlebull.Check the date of the thread before posting please.