Penn-Penn Split
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Sean Penn and eleven year wife Robin Wright Penn are on their way to divorce, as Robin reportedly riled for divorce shortly before the Christmas holiday. So far, details of the split have not been released.

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While he was fighting overseas for our Country, his wife was being viciously raped and murdered back home.
A cold case to remember.
On Nov.2nd 1990, my friend Karen Lanham disappeared from Jerry’s Bar, Highway 24, Karen was the wife of Cpl. James R. Lanham. He was stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C. and was also serving in the Desert Storm War when she disappeared under foul play.
Her husband did not come home to a greeting, instead, an intense search and a lot of questioning and confusion for him. He would come into the bar night after night, sitting there, drinking Pepsi’s and waiting for her to walk in, but she never did.
Her disappearance remained unsolved for 2 years when another victim was lured from the same bar. The victim, Billy Albert had also served in the Army for 3 years but was disabled due to a car accident and at the time, was walking on crutches with a leg cast. His body was discovered the next day in Sept. 1992. He had been severely beaten beyond recognition with a baseball bat and thrown in a shallow grave.
The police quickly brought in 2 men for questioning and one man drew a map to another grave. It was at that time, they found the grave of Karen Lanham. She had been viciously raped & murdered with her throat slit from ear to ear. The suspects Jamie Gunn 28 & Jeff Vavla 27 at the time were convicted of Billy Albert’s murder and both were supposed to get 40+ years. They were never charged for Karen’s murder. Her murder remains unsolved.
Karen & her husband lived in base housing at the time but for some reason, Camp Lejeune didn’t get involved.
But more importantly, Karen’s husband, never got over this. He was a Marine. He only learned to cope with it. There’s no closure for him because there’s no justice for Karen.
As a dependent living in base housing at the time of her death, the case falls into NCIS jurisdiction, as well as that of the local authorities”. So who dropped the ball? Who failed to serve & protect the marine who swore to serve & protect our country while his wife was being viciously raped & murdered here in the US?

....You need to know these two killers have been paroled already. They walk amongst us here in Onslow County, NC. They didn’t even have to register as sex offenders!
Stay safe——Keep your children safe. Keep yourself safe. To view a photo of each murderer, go to & enter each one’s name. That would be Jamie Gunn & Jeff Vavla.

Newspaper articles online:

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Million dollars for a movie? Isn’t that a bit low? 😊

A good movie should produce at least a hundred million imho… 😉

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that’s good to know so they are must look new partners now, I think they must be bored of each other.

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