Is your SIM Card Safe?
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I have a GSM cell phone, i have some contacts store both in my phone and SIM card. Since i am not much like of putting cell on me when out, so i never worried about lost my contact. This funny SIM card backup devices is definitely not for me, do you any good? you be the judge.

Claming to back up your sim card data, what more curious it allows you to set password to it! Store contact,may be MMS, SMS in to its 16KB memory, you may wonder if that memory is too small, indeed, about two SIM card’s capacity.

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I use a CDMA phone, so there’s no SIM card for me to even back up like this.  My laptop has no Bluetooth and there’s no USB device drivers for my phone, so the easiest way for me to back up my contacts is to just Bluetooth transfer them to my old phone and keep it in a safe place.