More Temporary XBLA Price Reductions
Posted: 24 September 2007 04:42 PM     [ Ignore ]  
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The XBLA sale from Labor Day weekend seems to have worked out for Microsoft (I know I bought Zuma that I’d been eyeing half off) and they’re doing it again this coming week with three new titles: Bankshot Billliards 2, Frogger and Hardwood Spades. The price drops are less severe this time (not the 50% off goodness from Labor Day) but still pretty solid if you’re into any of these games.

Personally, I’m not too thrilled with any of them; had Frogger been 200 points like Dig Dug and Gauntlet I might have considered it but it’s just not enough game for even the extra buck and a quarter. I can’t be too down on MS for this though: Anything that makes gaming a bit cheaper is okay in my book.