Mercenaries 2 Delay Rumor Confirmed
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IGN has confirmed the rumor that Mercenaries 2 will be delayed until 2008. They also posted an amusing interview with Pandemic’s President Josh Resnick where he says they aren’t adding new stuff to the game, just taking the extra time to polish it up and make sure it’s all set to be a great game when it launches.

I have to say, it looks pretty slick but it didn’t have a chance to get played in my house if it hit stores this holiday. To me, this delay is nothing but good news.

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Well, of course it delayed, people are to optimistic so they put deadlines they can’t keep, all good games are delayed, they are sequel to Mafia, they have been making it for 6 years and still there aren’t any release date but i think that it will be done next summer.