Call of Duty 4 Beta Ends Spetember 30th; Game Goes Gold
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Fourzerotwo has posted details about the end of the Call of Duty 4 beta, saying it’s all over Sunday September 30th and revealing that the level cap will be raised just prior to the close on the 28th.

I managed to squeak into the beta (somewhat late) and while I liked the previous CoD games, I wasn’t expecting much from the multiplayer-only beta, especially on a game that looked nice but represented a direction shift for the franchise. I was really surprised to find how enjoyable it was, even at the early levels playing against level-capped opponents. It really makes you appreciate the small victories and learn from your mistakes, plus the rewards system is incredibly addicting. I wasn’t really planning on making this a priority this winter, but the beta has changed my mind. Hopefully Activision/Infinity Ward will release a demo so those who didn’t or couldn’t make the beta cut can have a chance to see for themselves.

The game isn’t due until November 5th so there is going to be a long month in between with no CoD action, but I think Halo 3 and Orange Box ought to be sufficient to pass the time until then, hm?

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I may have to snatch up this game, later this year….

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i just wonder if it is good as it is said.