Bleeding Edge TV 184: A Look at the HP Blackbird 002 Gaming PC
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We speak with ‘s Phil McKinney about the new gaming PC at their event.


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Not too bad a price for the most basic model they’ve got on their site. I could build an almost identical machine for about $500 less. Though that’s to be expected from any pre-built high-end gaming PC’s I suppose.

I really like the sounds of the easy modifications to the hardware. Making it so the enthusiasts can modify is an excellent idea and I’m glad they’re taking it up. Then again I’ve got no idea what Alienware’s (Or any other gaming PC brands) stance or ease of changing hardware is.

Perfect for the enthusiast, I’d say. I mean, personally I find two SLI’d 8800GTX Ultras combined with the Intel Quad Core QX6850 horribly overpowered.

Either way, good coverage. Much enjoyed.


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