Best Buy Sponsors 3 Free Days of Xbox Live
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There’s an announcement on the Bungie website that says Best Buy will be ponying up the dough to cover Xbox Live Gold-level service for all users starting on Halo 3’s launch day and lasting through the 27th of September. The cool thing is it doesn’t just apply to people playing Halo, but extends to the whole service.

Now, granted, this is pretty much drug dealer generosity but it makes a lot of sense and could be the kind of thing to help folks on the fence about playing Halo online make an informed decision. I guess the question is whether Halo players can behave themselves well enough for three days to make anyone want to stay who isn’t already sold on Xbox Live.

Apparently Best Buy is also running a contest where people can win an 800 Microsoft Points card, a few people will win a nice home theater package and one person wins a really ugly Pontiac with a bunch of Halo branding all over it.

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This is a pretty cool promotion, if you ask me. Unfortunately, everyone knows the Halo players won’t behave themselves. Ever.