An Early Look at Silent Hill V
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Check out the video and interview 1Up did for Silent Hill V.

I confess that I was a huge fan of the original on PS1 and really enjoyed SH3 (SH4 is on my long list of “need to play someday” games), but I tried a couple of times to get into SH2 and couldn’t do it for some reason. I recently acquired a copy after reading Leigh Alexander’s Aberrant Gamer column on the game and decided that I owe myself at least one attempt to get hooked without the pressure of returning a rental copy. But because of my curious lack of regard for SH2, I’m a bit torn about The Collective heading back in that direction with SH5.

Still, I can’t deny the game looks pretty (in a dark and unsettling way of course) and I’m certainly not going to argue if someone wants to try and fix the combat in Silent Hill.

Anyone else feeling more enthused about the game after watching this?

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This game was great!!!!