Sony’s Kaz Hirai Speaks Out on PS3 Development
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I guess Kaz Hirai’s been busy chatting it up out there, he’s got a couple of interviews where he talks about PS3 development including the reported difficulty as well as what devs ought to do to differentiate their PS3 versions.

So developer difficulty is a good thing? I guess it couldn’t possibly lead to delayed software which causes a slow hardware adoption rate or rushed games with sloppy controls. One thing he seems to be overlooking is that while it may have worked for the PS2, last gen’s console had a headstart in the market. This time around they’re trying to play catch-up and they risk swapping places with Microsoft who had the technically superior product last time out but had too high of a mountain to climb once Sony was all entrenched. Granted, the Xbox 360 hasn’t flown off the shelves the way the PS2 did (that position has been taken by the Wii) and Microsoft will probably be the first to admit that. But banking on devs to “get it” five or six years down the road sounds like risky business.

Either way, I can’t necessarily disagree about the whole “use the platform features even on cross-platform games” thing, but I kind of doubt we’ll be seeing a lot of bonus levels on PS3 versions of multiplatform titles just because Blu-ray has extra storage capacity. I’m guessing media space is rarely the cause for game brevity.

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