You Can Play Lair on Your PSP… And It May Be Better
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From the PlayStation Forums and confirmed by PSP Fanboy, you can play Lair on your PSP via Remote Play. It sounds like the analog stick controls may even be better than the Sixaxis-based ones on the PS3. Does this mean the review scores need to be adjusted since there is an option to play the game in a way that may appeal to those who slammed it for being tough to maneuver?

One note about the YouTube confirmation video as well: I have no idea why it keeps flashing down to the guy’s crotch around minute three. This may have been a job for a tripod, especially as he tries to control the game later on with one hand.

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Read about this on Kotaku. It’s certainly an interesting feature. I remember thinking how cool it was at E3, when they announced it, but they never really said anything about it after that… It has some real potential.