TiVo Hits Canada
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Everyone in the world will have one of those things sooner or later, just like VCRs were years ago.  Personally, I don’t have TiVo, but that doesn’t mean I don’t WANT it.  I just don’t HAVE it.


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I live in Canada, and I can certainly see that as being a hassle. Maybe they want to see how successful the TiVo will be before implementing a better warranty service.

Tivo does seem neat, but the only way I would buy it is if it was reliable and if it didn’t cost too much. I’m a struggling student!

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Why did it take so long to get tivo here

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I know I’m not in Canada, but I wonder if the cable/satellite companies offer DVRs as part of their monthly packages.  I’m in the US and Time Warner offers a much more economical option which gives me an HD tuner and HD DVR for only $10 a month!  I don’t see Tivo surviving in the long run because of the increased competition these days.

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I don’t have a TiVo and I saw one the other day at The Brick and I was like “WOWOWOWOW!” Haha, I didn’t know that we got TiVo! I always see Ellen Degeneres give it away on her show and the people are so happy! Am I planning on getting TiVo, not really, I don’t have a need for it, but it is awesome that Canada finally has TiVo. Woo hoo!

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If I had really wanted TiVo-ish features I would have paid the extra $300 for the HDPVR when I got the HD box from my cable provider.  But really, I don’t find enough stuff on TV interesting enough to record because I’ll probably never watch it, so I have no use.