new Half Life 2: Episode Two gameplay footage
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Looking good.  I can’t wait for the Orange Box.

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I’m really tempted to watch, but I’m avoiding watching HL2 trailers. I’m avoiding as many spoilers as possible whether it be weapons, enemies, vehicles or story. I find games have a much bigger “Oooh, cool!” if I didn’t know something was comming. I fear I already know too much ...

Though I agree, I can’t wait for the Orage Box either. Comes out about a week and a half before my birthday. smile


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I’m the same way. Half-Life 2 was absolutely amazing to me, because I knew nothing about it before I played. Subsequently, I don’t look into news on the Episodes, unless it’s about when they’re coming out.

October needs to slow down a bit, though. I need time to build a new computer!