Unboxing Live 022: Belkin USB Plus Hub
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In this episode of Unboxing Live, we open up the Plus Hub. This one sports 7 USB ports, two of which are on top, along with a slick look.


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I saw this in the store when it came out and I wanted to get it. unfortunately, I didn’t, and I have regretted it ever since. I have so many USB peripheral connections that I have two 4-ports as well as the three on my computer, and it still isn’t enough. Maybe I’ll dummy-up and go get one now.

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Thats a nice idea Andru and a great hub.

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Sounds like it would of been a great hub, but back then I was on cable and they were more supporting the routers. So I did not get a hub but a router. My router is a pretty good router and I still use it today. I dont have cable internet anymore I know have AT&T;DSL, and my router works fine with it. I was gonna get a hub back then until I had heard the rumor about the router thing.