Fallout 3 OMG & A Playfeed Preview
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GamerEdie got to see the game with her own beautiful eyes at E3 and was kind enough to share what she saw with us in a preview of sorts, which you can read here.

I was already excited about the game when a friend of mine said that it blew him away, and he’s rarely excited by much of anything. But when I saw the following.. well, let’s just say I got exciteder.

Personal Atomic Grenade Catapult.

See that period? Even though that wasn’t a sentence, those words are so awesome that they require some form of punctuation.


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Yeah. I mean, I know a lot of people who kind of wanted it to stay a shooter first and foremost. This is definitely more an RPG.

That being said, I think when I saw the preview… I kinda peed a little.

My big concern: May be a bit short. Of course, given the Oblivion past… it will probably expand (at, of course, a small cost).


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i will kill for this game…. puppies will be slaughtered for this game .....



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