Bomberman Live! THIS WENSDAY OMFG LOL HOLY @%&!!!
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Yes, a long wait will finally come to an end when Bomberman Live comes out this wensday, july 18th.  Here is more info:  (Not written by me).

Game Statistics
Cost: 800
Release Date: July 18th

* Fun-filled online play: Up to eight players can compete online in a single arena. Choose from any of eight all new arenas and start dropping your bombs, kick fiery surprises across the arena, and send your enemies to their doom.
* Tournament play: Ongoing tournaments will allow you to compete globally to determine who’s the best Bomberman of all.
* Your own personal Bomberman: Each Bomberman can have a custom head or hat, facial expressions and features, and a costume. There are over 10,000 custom possibilities, so you may never see another Bomberman exactly like yours!
* Classic gameplay updated: One of the greatest game series of all time comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade. Take control of your customized Bomberman and use your bombs to knock out your opponents, discover upgrades, and dominate the arena.

Twenty Leaderboards: We’ve got twenty, count ‘em twenty, leaderboards to track your performance in every mode and map, such as wins, losses, kills, and blocks painted! Will you be the world champion in one of the leaderboards?

Apparently, you can also taunt people on your webcam post-game:


Gloat over your defeated opponents with Xbox LIVE® Vision: When you win and the victory screen comes up, a snapshot is taken of the losers (using their cameras), while you get an entire live video feed all to yourself to gloat!!

This aught to go over well.

What’s Different in this Bomberman?

* First off, character customization. Check the official Hudson website for details, but you can go from an astronaut to a big ole nerd and back to being Gandalf, having the option also to mix and match your favorite Bomberman.
* New items available for use to complement the familiar Fire-Up and so forth:


  Dangerous Bomb – The blast expands in a square. Upgrade it by collecting Fire-Ups.
Power Downs are also new, which allow you to go decrease number of bombs, speed, and bomb size.

* As for everything else, it’s classic Bomberman. No Bomberman: Act Zero-style gameplay.


Game Modes / Game Maps
The game modes go as follows:

* Normal – The classic, last man standing Bomberman mode.
* Paint Bomb – The goal here is to paint as many tiles as you can using the explosions from your bombs. Your bombs still kill other players, and when you get a frag, that player’s tiles are erased! Stay alive and keep painting!
* Zombie – Like Paint Bomb mode, but you can’t die! Your little guy keeps getting back up, over and over, until time expires. However, there’s still a penalty: you lose all of your power-ups and painted tiles when you get hit by a bomb! Zombie matches might very well come down to a last-second bomb!
* Tournament – Choose the number of maps, the actual map rotation, power-ups, and see who’s the winner when all is said and done!

You can also customize nearly every aspect of the gameplay: set the number of wins required, time limit, number of players, which maps to play, and even special options like:

* Revenge: Death isn’t the end! After you get bombed, you hop in a kart on the side of the arena and get to toss bombs at the living as you move around the edge.
* Super Revenge: Just like Revenge, but if you successfully bomb someone, you jump back into play! If you’re lucky enough to be one of the last few left standing, look out, because everybody will be gunning for you!
* Sudden Death: Falling blocks that squish your character kick in when time runs out, starting at the outside of the arena, then working their way in towards the center, resulting in less and less space to run around!

And as for the maps:


Classic – The original, the one you know and love. Great for beginners to get their feet wet before they move on to the more complex arenas!

Lost World - Quicksand. The player will become stuck on the square while quicksand is present.

Ghost Town - Trap Doors. When players fall into one, they will be shot back up in a geyser of fire, causing them to lose their power-ups.

Thin Ice - Ice Cracks. These work much the same as quicksand. Players can’t move off the square if they are standing on it when the ice cracks, & they cannot move over a square if it is cracked.

Big Top – Kick Arrows. Everyone stars with the “kick” power-up, and the arrows direct the path of the bomb after it’s kicked.

Plunder Isle – No gimmicks, but blast your way to the massive amounts of power-ups a ring of blocks and watch the shenanigans ensue. You can also set it so that you start inside, right next to the horde of power-ups.

Spaced Out – Transporters. When pla

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It’s not that big of a deal.