360 Chatpad $30, releases Sept. 4
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Xbox 360 Chatpad

Those of you who have been waiting for the Xbox 360 Chatpad, we finally have more news on the impending release of the device. Over on the Xbox website, the Chatpad Messenger Kit has been given it’s own product page, which indicates that the package, which includes the Chatpad along with headset, will retail for $29.99 USD. You’ll have to wait a couple more months for the pleasure though, as the Chatpad Messenger Kit isn’t scheduled to hit stores until September 4, 2007. While you’re waiting, check out our Chatpad image gallery.


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im actually really looking forward to this.  I dont mind voice messaging someone, but i dont like to do it all the time.

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I hope that when it comes out that they will have one on a controller, so that you can see how it will feel when holding it in your hands, and chatting away.