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Ok so Shadowrun launched, what do people think.  Has anyone got it (I don’t) is it working, can you tell if you are playing against a PC person, does one side have the advantage, come on people talk.  Is this the game that is going to make Live Every where, or is it just another CS clone with nice graphics that is going to fall on its arse?

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I hope to GameFly this soon…

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Haven’t gotten my hands on the final game yet, but I stand by my previous thoughts that this game is not worth $60. I had a lot of fun with the beta, and I’ll play the demo, but that might be it for me until we see the price dropped. And by then, I’ll most likely have lost interest.


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I really dont want to spend 60$ on this, even though I really enjoyed the Beta. So I’ll prolly just rent it from Gamefly later on.  I will be playing the crap outa the demo though.. which is scheduled for release tomm.