End Score Report 006: Clemens, Golden State, De La Hoya-Mayweather
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Dan Devone is back with another edition of the End Score Report. This time Dan tackles:

- De La Hoya vs. Mayweather: The fight that was supposed to save boxing was a waste of cash.
- What happened to good boxing? Roger Clemens Returns to Baseball - $28 million to play for the Yankees.
- David Ortiz: Doesn’t think Barry Bonds is on steriods. What?!?
- Golden State Warriors are the funnest team in basketball, fantastic in the post-season.


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The only thing thats going to “save” boxing is the restructuring of the entire boxing world, and that might not be enough. With things like Ultimate Fighting and others like that out there the competition is getting really tough. :(
David Ortiz SUCKED when he was with the Twins. Its funny that when he got to Boston he became one of the greats. Hmmmmmm. makes me wounder. Could be nothing, but with him defending Mr Roids Berry Bonds; is there a deeper connection then just being baseball players?
Golden State?!?!?! WTF!

Since the T-Wolves suck lately I have been cheering on the Pistons, since thats where Flip Saunders went after numb nutts Mcchale fired him to cover his back side after all the idiotic miss steps he has been involved with. Go Pistons!!!