End Score Report 005: Kentucky Derby, A-Rod, Keyshaun, Sydney Crosby
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- Kentucky Derby: Horses built and bred to run, what we feel about it. Dan is pulling for Scat Daddy.
- April-Rod: Alex Rodriguez can’t be Mr. April in NY and have success. He has to be in it for the long haul.
- Keyshaun Johnson, the Mouth of the South.
- Sydney Crosby: The second coming of Wayne Gretzky, Crosby is going to bring attention back to the NHL and hockey.
- Dirk Nowitzki of the Mavericks: Dirk needs to take the Mavs to the Promiseland, and start going to the hoop to start making moves. You can’t be a 7-foot tall jumper.

Let us know your thoughts!


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Oh no!!! Not Keyshan!!!

That guy bugs the HELL out of me. Dirk is a choke artist. I’m very glad we have Garnett. At least he can do some work down in the post. He just needs to take over at the end of the game more often. It would be easier for him if they actually put some talent around him. A-Rod is another choke artist, and I have a feeling that will not change. Sydney Crosby is definitely the best player to come along for the NHL, and I really wish they would promote him more. He could be the Jordan of the NHL if they new how to market that talent.

As long as I’m on the NHL bit; how about fighting? It really adds a lot of excitement during the game, and for the most part keeps the game in check. If fights did not happen between the big guys, the little guys would be battered to the point of killing the game. Some of the fights start from dumb guys losing their temper, but many others are started to protect some of the key players from getting beaten upon.

Derek Boogaard is one of the best fighters in the league, and one of my favorite Minnesota Wild players. Check out the video, and let me know what you think.


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These things looked pretty good, some that I can learn, and I hope to learn more on it!