End Score Report 003: Joey Crawford, Steve Nash, Brady Quinn
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In this edition of the End Score Report, Dan Devone gives his take on the latest news from the world of sports. Today we talk about:

- Referee Joey Crawford’s insane ego, throwing Tim Duncan out of game due to personal reasons.
- Who should take MVP in the NBA this season? We say Steve Nash.
- Brady Quinn and the NFL draft - a mistake?


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Crawford was an idiot for tossing out the big D. I’m not a real big Dunkin fan, but that was just stupid. I missed the game when that happened, but I would have loved to see big Ds expression when that happened.

Kobe is a ball hog, Dirk is a choke artist, and I must agree that Nash should be the MVP.

What spot did Quin fall to? I know he fell a ways, and I’m not surprised. I’m very happy for what the MN Vikings got in the draft through out, but our top pick was a solid one. Adrian Peterson who rushed for over 4,000 yards in a career, joining Cedric Benson of Texas (5,540; 2001-04), Ricky Williams of Texas (5,289; 1996-98), Darren Sproles of Kansas State (4,979; 2001-04) and Brad Smith of Missouri (4,289; 2002-05) will make a great addition to the Vikes. Thats pretty impressive. 😊

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