AMD takes Intel to task on how to make real quad core chips
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Okay, we have been hearing a lot about dual core and quad core processors coming out of both the and camps. Now that has released the Octo-core Mac Pro, people are wondering about the benefit of having all these cores at their disposal. In this video, we speak with AMD about what they believe is the fundamental difference between the way they do Quad Core chips as opposed to the way Intel does it. Check out the video to see how AMD feels quad core computing should be done.


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A basic Quad core runs on the principles that says all the cores has to work together.Like Intel’s Qaud architecture it has 2 di processors running in synchronization which solves the purpose if any of the bi fails.This motherboard of AMD is not a true quad.It has 2 di processors running together to give the same effect.

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There are a lot of 32-bit operating system that supports a lot of hearts out there. I just do not have Windows. So little latitude OS has nothing to do with the ability to support multicore.

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yes we are curious to know what really is the difference between the quad core and other cores how does the end user benefit from all this