What TV should I buy to avoid burn-in?
Posted: 22 May 2006 07:30 PM     [ Ignore ]  
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So Iím in the market for a new fancy big TV (I’m thinking around 70”). The reason Iím buying a new one is that my current 20-year-old TV has a busload of things burned into the screen from years of gaming. I have meters in all four corners. I have the opening screen to the original Nintendo and (I think) the PSX. I have random ghosts of things that I donít know what they are. I am really bad about passing out in front of the TV with my game paused. So, I want to buy a new TV, but I never want this to happen to me again. Anyone know what kind of TV wonít do this? I asked Google and it gave me this, is this a good thing: http://www.dlp.com/