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My name is Amy and I’m trying to earn a Nano for my 9 year old nephew who lives across the country. I had to move away 3 years ago because of my husband’s job and now I can’t be directly involved in his life. I wanted this holiday season to be really special for him by getting him an ipod. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy him one, so I’d really like to give this a try.

I signed up on after reading listening to testimony on NPR. I’m the biggest skeptic in the world, but I had the opportunity to converse with people who actually earned their promised iPod! Wow!  Check out the link here (requires Real Player).

I’m asking for referals, so please don’t accuse me of trying to run a scam. Honestly.

For me to earn an iPod for my nephew I need to refer 5 people. Each person needs to complete just one offer, which can be cancelled quickly…at least that’s what I plan on doing. I personally signed up for the offer, hoping to get home for the holidays sooner…but its getting more and more difficult.

Please give this a try. I will be happy to post a photo of my nephew opening his iPod if I get can just there there.

Here’s my referral link:

Thank you for reading this post.

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Mmmmm, forum spam.

You’re posting in the wrong place if you are trying to explain how these sites work. People in this forum know how they work - and we’ve been burned hardcore by it. But still, good luck.