Home office/phone/mp3 player integration
Posted: 18 August 2005 04:15 AM     [ Ignore ]  
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Not sure if this is the place for this request, but here goes. I have a home office and I listen to MP3s all day over a set of PC speakers. When I get a call, I reach for the volume control on my laptop and turn it all the way down and then pick up the phone.

In the perfect scenario, I would have headphones for my phone and music. When a call comes in, somehow, the music would stop and let me pick up the call. Upon call termination the music would resume.

The headphones would ideally be wireless (Bluetooth?). Right now I listen to MP3s using WinAmp, but I would entertain using an Ethernet or USB attached player. My phone could change as well.

Does anyone have any ideas?