HYIP Tips/Guides Thread
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Thought this might be relevant since the other thread was shut down.

Before hand keep in mind that these tips and guide as a whole are not backed by any monetary or legal “guarantee”, they are simply things you can do to reduce the risk that comes with HYIP investing

I know a bunch of us in the Gearlive forums are feeling the burn from various HYIPís that have shut down in the past few weeks

With that being said, Iíve decided to build some basic guidlines that if you use you will always make more money than you lose in the HYIP world, keep in mind though freak accidents can happen, pretty much anything can happen in HYIP world so tread lightly and be extremely cautious while doing business with HYIPís. As many veterens in this forum can attest, if you follow these rules your chances at succeeding in the HYIP world are increased dramatically.

1. Pick an HYIP to invest in

a. Must be less than 3 days old, 3 days being the absolute longest running days.

b. Must have SSL and DDOS protection, and must accept stormpay.

c. Must have paid multiple people in Moneymakergroup.com forums (i.e. 15 people posting they have been paid)

d. It helps to have an admin that posts regularly in MMG forums but it is not required.

e. It must offer reasonable %ís back (i.e. 180% in 3 days, 150% in 3 days, anything more than 170 - 180 % in 3 days is too risky)

2. Invest big time, the most money you can invest all at once (but remember only invest what you can afford to lose)

a. For example donít throw in 50 bucks for a test run, there is no need for a test run, it just elongates the time in HYIP which = more risk

3. Pull out all the money, and do not reinvest any of it

a. Get your intial and all profit out of the system and into your stormpay account. Donít reinvest and Donít look back

4. Repeat steps 1 - 3

If you use these simple steps you greatly lower your chance of losing money in HYIPís

And if you take my advice you will still have to remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose, but you can rest assured your chances of losing money are signifigantly LOWER!!!

They main reasons why people lose money in HYIP is

1. They wait too long to get in (past 3 days in)

2. They do a test spend and then make a real spend

3. They trust the longer days plans that offer higher % back

4. They get greedy and reinvest in the program.

So there ya go.. follow these simple steps and succeed in the HYIP business!

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