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Hey this was posted by a member on a another forum that I lurk around. Just wanted to help the guy spread this around to help out his sister.

The video:  

Hi everyone, I believe this is the right section. I know we have loads of members on this site and if only a few helped out it would make a huge difference.

Basicly my sister has been battling cancer sense she was 16 and i was 9. Off and on she has battled and won. This time she may have met her match on her 3rd relapse at 22. She just got married and was starting her life when she was hit with the news.

I don’t want to bore you with technical jib-jab But basicly theres this company (mederex) and theres this girl (my sister) who needs her life to be saved and the company (mederex) wont help her. They have a drug that has been proven to help people in my sisters situation. My sister was but a few weeks late when she asked for treatment, they were ending the trials to collect data. Now, as it stands they wont open trials back up for 3-5 months maybe more. They have been dragging this on for months already and my sister doesnt have much time. She grows weeker everyday, and it will most likely be too late. At this time we have designed a website:

And we are attempting to flood a big mean company with thousands of constructive and intelligent emails from CEOS and many people asking for them to reconsider their desicion not to give My sister what is called Emergency Use which allows them to give the drug and for it to be used on my sister through doctors who have already aggreed.

They have drug it on and on and eventually flat out said no to emergency use and claimed “it would take too much time and resources”

Please just write an email, make a phone call, and spread the word to make mederex change their mind. Hopefully by spreading the word Mederex will eventually reconsider and allow for my sisters life to be saved.

Thank you and PLEASE visit the site

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Did a quick google about CD30. It’s a gene that’s involved in hodgekin’s disease.
I hope the trials had positive results and that this girl can get the treatment.
A little more reading for everyone..

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