ST or 12DP?
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go with 12DP . It takes a lot less time to accumulate money, and it takes less time per day.

and btw, this actually belongs in the free stuff thread…

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Ahh didn’t see that one. Sorry.

If you would have asked me to sign up under your referral link, I would have done it, but don’t think I’m an idiot.

How much money have you invested in 12DP, and how much have you gained?

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A Basic Overview

You’ve probably seen a lot about 12 Daily Pro, I know it can be confusing so I’ve written a little ‘article’ to help those of you who haven’t started yet.
You can start a free account for traffic exchange purposes, or you can become and ‘Upgraded’ member to earn money and recieve traffic exchange. i.e. If you surf 15 websites in one day, you can put YOUR OWN LINK in the rotation for a freebie site, or your homepage, or whatever - and you’ll get 15 unique views on your page. I surfed 200 last month, and I got 200 views on my account - out of which I got many new members and many new offer completions.
This makes 12 Daily Pro a powerful marketting tool as well as a great investment opportunity.
If you decide to invest, keep in mind that like any investment, there is some risk - there’s ALWAYS a chance of a company going bust or the stock market failing. Not that it’s LIKELY to happen, but there’s always a chance. So don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.
There are a lot of skeptics. People accuse 12DP of being a ponzi scheme. They say these auto surf sites just gather your money and then when they have enough, they just jet with the $100,000 or more that they’ve accumulated. While that may be true of certain HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) or even other autosurf websites, 12 Daily Pro is not a Ponzi scheme in my oppinion.
There are numerous reasons why 12DP is legit. They’ve been around for about 8 months, they get 1000 new members a day and they haven’t missed a single payment yet with over 90,000 members. The admin of the site is honest and trustworthy. They are NETIBA certified. They are comitted to growing the autorsurf industry by supporting other admins of other sites. They constantly keep in touch with updates on the members main page. They’ve even organized a ‘Get Paid To’ conference which will be held in January. They have some really good sponsors as well.
You just have a feeling of security at 12 Daily Pro, while other sites have ripped me off,,, etc. - 12 Daily Pro has been around and will be around for the long run.
So obviously, I highly recommend it.
BUT like anything, don’t put more than you can afford to loose in. You can put as little as $6 in the first few times to see if it’s trustworthy. The max you can invest is 6K - If you want to be really safe, you can withdraw your original investment and then reinvest the earnings =) That’s what I’m starting to do now. So if you Put in $1000.00, you’ll get back $1440.00 - then you can withdraw the original $1000 and just keep investing the $440.00 so EVEN IF they go bust, you’ll never have lost money.
You get paid 12% each day you surf. You just have to surf 12 sites a day to get paid. So after 12 days of surfing, you get 144%.
Each investment is called an ‘upgrade’. You upgrade for ‘units’ which cost $6 each. You can have a max of 2 active upgrades (investments) at a time totalling no more than 1000 units, or $6000.00
$48.00 (8 units) = $69.12
$96.00 (16 units) = $138.24
$498.00 (83 units) = $717.12
$1998.00 (333 units) = 2877.12
You get the idea. is my link to sign up. I am very helpful, and I even offer comission cashbacks. i.e. if you invest $100.00 I’ll send you half of what I make off you, so $6.00 - if you invest $1000.00 I’ll send you $60
Another thing you need to know about is payment. They use Stormpay and eGold as their ‘payment processor’. You’ll need one to upgrade and recieve cashouts. Stormpay has a 6.9% fee on all incoming payments, which can get hefty on like $1000.00 payments (you’ll soon be getting those, heh)
eGold is the other one they use. The fees are a LOT less but it’s harder to get money into your eGold account. You need to do currency conversion through a site like or
Here is my link to register at stormpay:
If you want to cut your Stormpay fees in more than hallf get NetIBA certified:
Holy crap that is a LOT of typing. Well I think I’ve covered just about everything, if you were thinking about getting started, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE. You are now eductated. Don’t procrastinate this, it has the power to change your financial future at least for the short term.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or AIM: phil9999959999. I could even give you 6 dollars to start off your account with, so it would be NO cost to you. Email me!!

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I started with $48 a couple of weeks ago and now I have $90 invested. It’s amazing how quickly it accumulates.  Anyways, there are a lot of people who give you some percent of your upgrades back to you when you sign up under them.  I would recommend sending a PM to zxvipxz if you want to sign up.