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Sunday October 12, 2008 9:30 am

Dean Browski’s NFL Action for Week 6

Through 5 weeks the NFL has been knocking the snot of me.  Some of it is my fault, actually all of it is my fault, but I am not able to bear the whole burden right now.  I need to shovel some of the responsibility elsewhere.  The outcome as I sit here today is that I am being challenged to stay the course.

No fancy teasers, or high-paying parlays in today’s action.  Just two simple bets.  The Colts and the Texans, each for 5-stars.
Buccaneer Cheerleader
My thinking on the Colts is a bit driven by my disrespect for the Baltimore Ravens.  Their schedule has been very kind to them, and the best team on the schedule played with their 10th string running back.  The Ravens are also very banged up and the lack of offensive punch from the Ravens means the Colts don’t need to score 40 in order to cover a modest spread.  The Colts couldn’t ask for a better start to the year from everyone else in their division when you look at what the Colts have had to struggle through.  Last week’s comeback against the Texans should be inspiration to the Colts and I am one person that is betting on it.

The Texans meanwhile are facing the Dolphins, a team that has 2 wins but both against the AFC powers.  Those 2 wins for Miami are two more than Houston has at this point.  When this year started no one would believe that after 5 games the Dolphins would be 3 games better than the Texans.  I feel like I am making excuses for the Texans so far this year, and not giving the Dolphins enough credit.  I like what Miami has done on offense but the first week they used their Wildcat offense it caught the Patriots by surprise.  They then get an extra week of preparation to face the Chargers.  Congrats on the trickery Miami, but it ain’t gonna last forever and the Texans are not going to go 0-5.



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