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Sunday September 28, 2008 9:28 am

Dean Browski’s Week 4 NFL Action

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Overall I am up slightly on this football season, but I am being carried by my NCAA selections, and have been struggling with the NFL.  This week I have 8 straight bets today, and I really like the Steelers tomorrow night.  Working the system, thats all I am doing is working my system.  Here is where my action is for Week 4 in the NFL:

Denver Broncos -9.5 (4-stars) As I stated the other day, there are few things I know, but I do know the Chiefs are no good.

Carolina Panthers -7 (3-stars) If the Falcons can do something here today I may start to give them some props. To date, the only thing impressive about the Falcons is that their arrest record is considerably better than it has been the past few years.

New Orleans Saints -4 (3-stars) You look at who these two teams have played and it’s the Saints that have clearly played the better teams so far. Two tough losses to two good teams (Redskins and Broncos) has me feeling good about the Saints in this game.

Minnesota Vikings +3 (3-stars) I have been picking on the Titans since the preseason. Today this is not an anti-Titans pick at all, it is a pro-Vikings selection based on the fact that it looks like their offense is becoming less one-dimensional.

San Diego Chargers -7.5 (3-stars) We all saw at the Broncos did to Oakland, in Oakland a few weeks back. This Chargers offense is better, and their defense is good enough.

Buffalo Bills -8 (4-stars) Going back to what I know. I know the Rams are bad, I know the Rams are fighting among themselves, and I know that the Scott Linehan (Rams coach) will be fired very shortly.

Washington Redskins +10.5 (3-stars) This should be a very physical battle and I am counting on the Redskins not giving up too many big plays, and also making a few big plays.

Philadelphia Eagles -3 (4-stars) The Bears are banged up in the worst place possible, their Special Teams and play-makers. I like this Eagles team and asking them to win by more than 3 in Chicago is a rather pedestrian task.



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