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Friday October 3, 2008 4:55 pm

Dean Browski Picks NFL Week 5

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I pulled 1 game closer to .500 last week, and will surpass the .500 mark this week.  With 12 weeks to go after this one, we are in great position.  We only get better from here!

Season: 29-30-1
Last Week: 7-6-0

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions
DET +3.5
Notes: I don’t like to bet on bad teams and the Lions are a bad team.  That said, welcome to the dichotomy that is gambling.  The Lions are coming off of a bye and also are playing their first game since they received the glorious news that Matt Millen is no longer their GM.  The Bears I am still not convinced of, and their win over the Eagles is a great set-up game since the Eagles were playing short-handed.  I doubt this game will make the cut for Sunday action, but for here and now I will take the Lions and the points.
Pick: Lions

Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers
GB -7
Notes: The Falcons are a team that I feel I know well.  They have a QB that while young knows how to manage a football game.  They have a running game that is the focus of their offense and they run they ball pretty well.  They play good enough defense and have played well so far this year.  The Packers are banged up and while I believe the Packers should win this game, I will take the points.
Pick: Falcons

San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins
MIA +6.5
Notes: Nice win by the Dolphins two weeks ago in New England.  Too bad that trick plays don’t usually carry from one week to the next.  The Chargers will handles this game with little if any trouble.
Pick: Chargers

Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants
NYG -7
Notes: The Giants have a horrible record coming off of their bye week.  The Seahawks don’t travel real well.
Pick: Giants
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles
PHI -6
Notes: This line may seem high when you think about last week.  A great win for the Redskins and a bad loss for the Eagles.  For starters, Brian Westbrook is back for the Eagles.  Additionally, Philly is a place that the Redskins don’t usually take to all that well.
Pick: Eagles

Kansas City Chiefs @ Carolina Panthers
CAR -9.5
Notes: Nice win for the Chiefs last week.  Don’t fall into the trap.
Pick: Panthers

Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens
BAL +3
Notes: This is the battle of the two most overrated teams in the NFL.
Pick: Titans

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans
HOU +3
Notes: I believe that the Texans start to the year is more disappointing than the Colts start to the year.  The Colts have some pretty handy excuses, like Peyton Manning missing all of preseason, and their center Jeff Saturday missing Week 2.  To be fair the Texans have had their season disrupted by the hurricane, but they still have vastly underperformed.  The Texans play the Colts tough historically.
Pick: Texans

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Denver Broncos
DEN -3
Notes: Does Brian Griese help to dissolve some of the Broncos home-field advantage?  I think this Bucs team is good and I am not sold on Denver.
Pick: Buccaneers

Cincinnati Bengals @ Dallas Cowboys
DAL -17
Notes: This is a really big line, even for these two teams.  It is just too GD big!
Pick: Bengals

Buffalo Bills @ Arizona Cardinals
ARI -1
Notes: I love the Cardinals in this game.  The last two weeks have set the stage for people to think of these as the same ol’ Cardinals.  The last two weeks were losses to two good teams, and both games were on the East Coast.  Buffalo meanwhile is about to go 5-0 with a win, I don’t see that happening.
Pick: Cardinals

New England Patriots @ San Francisco 49ers
SF +3
Notes: It is really hard to believe that the Pats are only 3 point favorites agaisnt the 49ers.  New England’s defense is a concern, and the 49er offense has proven to be capable. The 3 still seems low, but I am going to take them anyway.
Pick: 49ers

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Jacksonville Jaguars
JAX -4
Notes: The Jaguars got off to a tough start, but are getting this turned around.  Pittsburgh is on a short week after two very physical games, AND they are really banged up.
Pick: Jaguars

Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints
NO -3
Notes: The Saints should be able to move the ball on the Vikings defense.  I am not sure in what direction the Vikings offense is headed.
Pick: Saints



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