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Cooking PlanIt spice giveaway

Layering in different flavors into a dish can turn your food from good to great, and to make it happen, you need the spices to seal the deal--and we've teamed up with Cooking Planit to hook you up with 26 of the most popular spices out there to help put a little more kick into your food. You may be wondering, though, what Cooking Planit is and what do they have to do with making food taste better. Well, Cooking Planit is an app that walks you through the step-by-step process in order to cook an amazing meal. It coaches you through the planning, shopping, and even the cooking process itself, in a GPS-like fashion that ensures everything is ready at the same time. It offers a bunch of pre-built menus that you can use to get started right out of the gate, and if you are using an iOS device, you can even use voice control to avoid getting gunk all over your display.

Want a chance to walk away with this spice rack? All you have to do is enter right here to win. We've made it easy to rack up entries, too, offering multiple ways for you to win.

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MUG root beer fathers day giveaway
We’re less than a week out from Father’s day, and I can smell the charcoal already. While some may head out to a nice steakhouse for a special dinner for Dad, tons of us will be gathered around a grill doing it ourselves. My friends at Mug Root Beer want to help make all of this summer’s BBQs a culinary triumph for you.

From today until Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern, comment on this entry about your most memorable “Dad” moment. Did your dad show up to the aforementioned steakhouse in a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops? Maybe your friend’s dad stepped in to save the day when a road trip went bad, or your uncle’s BBQ went up in a blaze of meat glory. I want to hear about it! I’ll be choosing five of the most memorable BBQ stories that you all share and the winners will each receive a prize pack, containing the fantastic recipe for MUG Root Beer Southern Specialty Brew-B-Q sauce (and the sauce is awesome - I was given a copy of the recipe and made some last night) and all of the ingredients to boot, in an insulated MUG bag with a MUG apron.

Lay’em on me guys - I want to hear your Dad stories!

Jenni BurnsWe figured that after the hiatus, it was time to kick Food Squeeze back into high gear. We will be introducing our new panel of authors to you over the coming weeks, but we start today with Jenni Burns:

I am really excited about being a contributer to Food Squeeze! I, like many, love food. I love everything about it; cooking, gardening, teaching my children about food, I love healthy food and I love to eat some good sweets!

I will be sharing a lot from my own kitchen.  A few cooking videos, tips from a mom of many children on how to keep the kids eating healthy, new recipes that I’ve tried and old favorites. I am looking forward to the challenge of learning more about food and the many parts of its preparation, as well as hopefully learning some great tips from our readers! Looking forward to this great journey together!

Food Squeeze

Welcome to Feed Squeeze. Here you’ll find out everything you wanted to know about the culinary arts and how you can become a food expert in your own kitchen. We’ll feature your favorite foods and introduce you to new ones. We’ll talk about wine, how to store it, how to serve it, and what to serve it with. We’ll experiment with cooking with wine and spirits.  We’ll look into the history of specific foods and why we eat them the way we do. We’ll showcase specific herbs and spices and how to use them. We’ll look over the latest kitchen tools and gadgets as well as talk about the benefits of good knives and industry-trusted cookware.  We’ll even describe special techniques like how to mince properly or to julienne vegetables or how to make sauces. And, of course, we’ll share recipes. From time to time, there will be stories about regional chefs, small wineries, and craft breweries. There will also be food news highlights.

All of this culinary goodness is brought to you by our Food Squeeze editors, featuring Janie Franz, veteran writer and long-time from-scratch cook, with the expert help of her son, Chef Scott Franz, the executive chef at the Toasted Frog in Grand Forks, North Dakota.