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Kelly Osbourne Begins Tattoo Removal

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Kelly Osbourne having her tattoo removedBeauty is pain for Kelly Osbourne, as the Fashion Police co-host has decided to begin removing her tattoos.

"I did the crime I am now doing the time! #NoPainNoGain!" she wrote in a caption on Instagram. In the photo above the caption (seen to the right), the 29 year-old's arm is seen undergoing the painful removal process.

The first to go is the colorful keyboard on her right arm. In a 2010 interview, Osbourne explained why she acquired so many tattoos in the first place: "I was miserable and I just went and got all these tattoos and I don't know why. One of them is a keyboard and I don't even know how to play a piano! As you get older, you realize that you don't want to be defined by your tattoos, because that's not the type of person that I am."

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Kate Moss Reveals Tattoo Is Worth Millions

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Kate MossKate Moss believes one of her tattoos is worth millions. The supermodel has revealed the late world-renowned artist Lucien Freud did the inking of two birds on her lower back and thinks it is probably worth a fortune.

The 38-year-old beauty told Vanity Fair, "He told me about when he was in the navy, when he was 19 or something, and he used to do all of the tattoos for the sailors. And I said, 'Oh my God, that's amazing.' And he went, 'I can do you one. What would you like? Would you like creatures of the animal kingdom?' I said I liked birds and he replied, 'I've done birds. I've got it in my book.' And he pointed down at a painting of a chicken upside down in a bucket. And I said, 'No, I'm not having that.' And then he said, 'Maybe I should just do you.' And I thought, I'm not going to have a girl on my a***. So we decided to do a flock of birds. I mean, it's an original Freud. I wonder how much a collector would pay for that? A few million? If it all goes horribly wrong I could get a skin graft and sell it! It's probably the only one on skin that's still around, because when he was in the navy he was about 19. Can you imagine?"

The model became close to the acclaimed artist when he painted her in the nude while she was pregnant with her daughter Lila Grace in 2002. The painting was sold to an anonymous bidder at auction in 2005.

Items Du Jour: Ashley Greene Is a Redhead, SNL Spoofs Brad’s Chanel Ads

Karlie Kloss for Mango+ Just days before venturing on her Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotional tour, Ashley Greene colors her brunette locks to a striking red shade. Love it or leave it?

+ We showed you the preview of Karl Lagerfeld's photos of Victoria Beckham for French Elle -- now check out the full editorial!

+ Saturday Night Live takes to spoofing Brad Pitt's Chanel advertisements. He knew he had it coming, right?

+ Want a 24-carat gold temporary tattoo on your arm in the shape of jewelry? Of course you do! At least, that's what Dior's banking on, anyway.

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Lady Gaga Gets Her Head Tattooed in Front of a Crowd

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Lady Gaga gets her head tattooed

Lady Gaga had a tattoo inked into her newly-shaved head in front of a live audience last night.

The "Born This Way" hitmaker had an image of a cherub wearing a crown etched into the back of her head at New York's Solomon R Guggenheim Museum as part of the launch for her new perfume Fame, and tattooist Mark Mahoney says the design is a nod to her Italian roots. Mark - who was helped by his assistant Wes Brown - explained, "It's kind of a Renaissance era cherub, a nod to her Italian heritage."

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Items Du Jour: Katy Perry Covers Elle, Lea Michelle Covers Cosmo

Katy Perry on Elle Magazine-- Mother of Johnny Depp's kids and muse to Karl Lagerfeld, Vanessa Paradis, makes eye patches sexy by sporting a black rose one on the cover of i-D Magazine. Is this her hint at wanting a role in Pirates of the Caribbean?

-- Katy Perry tones down her costume look for Elle magazine, where she instead sports a colorful Gucci suit. Looking a bit like Emily Blunt on the cover, Perry's business attire works well for her.

-- Of course, Perry can't always keep to tame pants suits. The 26 year-old appeared at the Mexico City launch of her new fragrance -- Purr by Katy Perry -- in a purple dress that left little to the imagination.

-- Continuing on her unspoken path to rid the cosmetic world of chemicals, supermodel Gisele Bundchen has just proclaimed her detestment of sunscreen, calling it poison. Of course, those who are fighting tirelessly for the prevention of skin cancer are outraged.

-- Speaking of outrage, Glee actress Lea Michele landed the cover of Cosmopolitan wearing a v-cut top that -- gasp -- almost reveals her navel! Naturally, Glee parents who have no concept of the difference between television characters and the people who portray them, are upset.

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Items Du Jour: Jessica Alba Saves the Day, Tom Ford Confirms Next Film

Emma Watson at the Glastonbury Festival—Louis Vuitton models walked down the catwalk with temporary tattoos from artist Scott Campbell. Ed Hardy much?

—Actress Jessica Alba has completed her good deed of the week, swaying a 21 year-old Chinese woman from getting plastic surgery to look like her, in hopes of winning her ex-boyfriend back.

—Burberry’s Fall/Winter 2010 ad campaign has hit the interwebs. The photos star a beautiful and British blend of models and musicians. Great, another reason to be jealous of not being British.

—After the critical success of his directorial debut, it’s no wonder that Tom Ford is taking on a second film. Unfortunately, he’s not letting any details slip just yet.

—Emma Watson attended the Glastonbury Music Festival looking somewhat stylish. I’m loving her Louis Vuitton corset, but not necessarily agreeing with her choice in blue jean shorts.

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Items Du Jour: Marion Covers Vogue, Megan Fox Strips for Cameras, Miley Gets Ear Ink

Marion Cotillard on July's Vogue—Although Megan Fox has been busy with promotional work for Jonah Hex, the people over at Armani didn’t want us to forget that the brunette actress is still their lingerie model. Piggybacking

In light of her publicity, the group has released one of her ads, expected to appear in major cities around July.

—French actress Marion Cotillard graces the July cover of Vogue looking fabulous (when doesn’t she?).

—Katy Perry’s Daisy Dukes from her “California Gurls” video have been the talk of the town lately. You’re easily able to snatch up a pair of the Diesel shorts for $160 a pop; however, you’ll have to glue the crystals yourself. Oh, the pitfalls of not being famous…

—Everyone’s favorite teen mess singer Miley Cyrus got a new tattooon her ear. It reads, “Love.”

—Mark Fast’s Topshop collection doesn’t hit stores until July 7th, but at least we can take a look at the dresses ahead of time.

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Amber Rose Represents Real Women

Amber Rose at Elle Women in Hollywood AwardsEver wonder what kind of conversation model Amber Rose had with Ford Models when they signed her? Well, now we don’t have to wonder so much—Rose dished some tidbits at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards.

“I told them, Don’t ask me to grow out my hair or lose any weight. I want to represent real women who have curves.”

Right, because real women can pull off the shaved head look! So what about those tattoos?

Well, she revealed to blogger Elizabeth Snead that she promised Ford to not get any more ink done—until her contract is up, that is.

Oh Amber Rose—you’re so rebellious! No wonder Kanye West loves you so much. Much unlike Kanye, however, Rose has a sense of humor. When host Alec Baldwin jokingly alluded to her boyfriend’s infamous VMA incident, the runway model giggled a bit.

As if anyone can resist Mr. Baldwin’s charm…

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