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Sharon Osbourne Is on the Atkins Diet

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Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne has gone on the Atkins diet.

The outspoken redhead has decided to follow the low-carbohydrate eating plan - invented by Robert Atkins - in a bid to shift her excess pounds before she hits 60 on October 9. Speaking on her TV show The Talk Sharon, said, "I've struggled with my weight for years, and I wanted a diet plan that would ensure I'd look and feel great. After looking at other weight-loss plans, I realized that Atkins is the best plan for me because my body - like many women my age - doesn't process sugar and refined carbs well."

The diet is already working well for Sharon and she has lost over 10 pounds in just two weeks. "In just two weeks, I am already 11 pounds lighter!" she revealed. Sharon's overall goal is to lose 25 lbs and she has praised the diet as effective and healthy and great because it lets you eat "delicious foods."

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Is Kelly Osbourne the New Face of Material Girl?

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne is reportedly set to be unveiled as the new face of Madonna's Material Girl clothing line.

The Fashion Police presenter will take over the role from Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen after the brand recently launched an appeal on its website, asking fans to choose their preferred celebrity ambassador for the label.

"Kelly's always been a massive fan of Madonna and recently heard Lourdes idolized her, which she was very flattered by. It's a huge coup," said a close friend of Kelly's.

The new appointment could help to heal a rift between Madonna, 52, and Kelly's mother, presenter and rock manager Sharon Osbourne, who is renowned for her sharp tongue. "She is full of s**t. I would like to punch her. She's a tart," Sharon said of Madonna in 2005.

A source, however, revealed Sharon will support Kelly if she does take on the modeling gig: "Sharon and Kelly are very, very close and she will support her daughter with all her heart, like she does all her children. If Kelly ends up modeling for Material Girl, it will be great."

Kelly Osbourne’s Wax Confession

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Sharon and Kelly Osbourne left daughter Kelly with missing skin when she waxed her mustache. Kelly revealed her mother tricked her into removing her facial hair when she was a teenager, and found it hilarious when the procedure went wrong.

She explained, “My first waxing experience was with Sharon when I was 14. She shouted, ‘Darling, come here.’ She was standing with a little pot and plastic spatula and said, ‘Lie on your back for a minute.’ She straddled my stomach, and smeared the wax on my top lip. I screamed in pain. She’d heated it for too long. She did eventually pull it off but half my skin went with it. To make it worse, she was laughing so hard she weed on me.”

Kelly, 24, also claims Sharon is “addicted” to plastic surgery—Sharon has previously estimated she has spent at least $485,800 on procedures, adding she dislikes it when her mother goes under the knife.

Referring to wrinkle-smoothing injections Botox, Kelly explains in her autobiography Fierce:

“She says, ‘I’m just going in for a routine op.’ There’s nothing routine about getting your t**s done! We’d say, ‘Mum, you’ve had Botox again.’ She’d reply, ‘No, I didn’t.’ ‘Yes you did - you’re head is f***ing bleeding,’ we’d say in unison. Once she had her lips plumped. We were sitting around Sir Elton John’s dining room table and he said, ‘Sharon, what the f**k has happened to your lips?’ We all burst out laughing. He sent her to a doctor to get it fixed. I’m forever turning to her and saying, ‘What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.’ She’ll say, ‘No, the Botox went wrong again.’”