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Cathy Horyn Continues to Blast Slimane’s Saint Laurent Collections

Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2013The feud between Hedi Slimane and New York Times critic Cathy Horyn continues, as the Saint Laurent fashion designer banned her again from his show in Paris.

Unfortunately for Slimane, the slight downside to an age where a show's images are immediately uploaded onto the internet for all to see is the fact that it helps someone like Horyn to be able to critique the show without having been there.

Horyn began with lambasting Slimane's decision to remove "Yves" from the label's name - something that had previously caused many raised eyebrows in the fashion world: "One of the first things the new designer, Hedi Slimane, did was to remove “Yves” from the label, thereby severing a symbolic connection to the founder, and everything he stood for, like good taste and feminine power."

She then went on to blast the clothes, which she pointed out were disliked by others, too: "Many people said the clothes looked like stuff sold at Topshop or a thrift store, while others defended Mr. Slimane’s approach and identified pieces, like a pink fur chubby, that relate back to Yves’s designs of the late ’60s and early ’70s, when he got ideas — say, for a pea coat — from the street. It’s doubtful that customers will make that connection, but such comments serve to validate what Mr. Slimane has done."

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Sarah Burton Gets Rave Reviews at PFW

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2012

Sarah Burton's fantasy inspired collection for Alexander McQueen drew rave reviews at Paris Fashion Week last Wednesday.

The Futumn/Winter 2012 collection was said to have been inspired by "the rippling underbellies of mushrooms" and the stunning collection of layered gowns and coats featured a colour palette of pinks, greyish purple, soft reds, silvery grey and black.

"It was exhilarating... With talent like Sarah's you just sit back and relish the sense of fantasy. No one else has it," said Hal Rubenstein, InStyle magazine fashion director.

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Quote of the Day: Cathy Horyn Defending Her Words

Cathy Horyn

“We have standards. We want people to be not just good but very good. And I can be tough on people, sometimes too tough, especially with the most creative. I once called one of Tom Ford’s collections freakish and ugly.”

- New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn, explaining why she may not say the nicest things about what designers create or what celebrities are wearing.

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Lindsay Lohan Places Ungaro Blame Elsewhere

Lindsay Lohan and designer Estrella ArchsI hate

love to say it: everyone told you so, Ungaro.

Critics did not bide well with the House of Emanuel Ungaro’s Spring/Summer ‘10 collection, which debuted at Paris Fashion Week. All eyes, naturally, were glaring at the much-buzzed about celebrity advisor Lindsay Lohan, and she wasn’t willing to take the hits without a fight.

The first of her many excuses was “coming in so late and having not that much time to do a whole collection.” As if she didn’t revel in the positive, hopeful stories on her exciting appointment—accepting the offer so last minute wasn’t exactly something the currently-blonde actress thought out.

She also claims to have no idea about those infamous nipple tassels: “I wasn’t aware of the nipple tassels on the girls until they were walking out.” Surely she must have been intoxicated during that meeting.

The best explanation was her inexperience card, which she actually believed to be legitimate, stating that she’s “still learning.” Shouldn’t someone be firing her already? There’s a reason why people aren’t employing her in films, people.

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