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TLC Didn’t Like Rihanna’s CFDA Awards Dress

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Both designers and fashion bloggers alike heralded Rihanna's dress at last week's CFDA Awards - at which she won the Fashion Icon of the Year award - but one pair of fellow female musicians are voicing their dislike of the "Diamonds" singer's style.

Referring to Rihanna, T-Boz of TLC said, "Every time I see you you don't have to be naked... It's hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say, 'Oh TLC must be jealous,' but I call a spade a spade."

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Taylor Swift Won’t Ever Pose Naked

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Taylor Swift on the cover of 'Glamour'Taylor Swift will never pose naked for a photo shoot.

The "22" singer has no intention of stripping off for a magazine or in her videos like many of her pop rivals, such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, because she doesn't think it's necessary for her to "push the envelope" by revealing her body.

"I find it relatively easy to keep my clothes on because I don't really feel like taking them off. It's not an urge I have. For me 'risky' is revealing what really happened in my life through music. Risky is writing confessional songs and telling the true story about a person with enough details so everyone knows who that person is. That's putting myself out there, maybe even more than taking my shirt off," she told Glamour.

The 23-year-old musician also revealed she likes to have the upper hand when it comes to dating and will often "freeze-out" guys from her life who she believes are playing with her emotions: "[What's freeze-out?] You don't respond to any of his texts or calls until he does something desperate [like] shows up. Or he calls and leaves a voicemail. Something that makes it very clear to you that he's interested."

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Rihanna, Kate Moss Strip for ‘V’ Magazine Covers

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You know that V has got to be out of ideas for its cover if it resorts to featuring Rihanna and Kate Moss in their birthday suits. Yawn. Haven't we seen this before? Mario Testino shot the covers for this "Dynamic Duos" issue - on newsstands February 28 - one of which Kate's leg could eerily easily double as Rihanna's arm.

What do you think of V's latest issue - over it or love it?

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Lizzie Jagger, Jerry Hall Strip Down to Promote Sustainable Fishing

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Something fishy is going on with underwater wildlife, and celebrities like Lizzie Jagger, Jerry Hall, and Emilia Fox are shedding light on the issue by getting nude.

Not unlike PETA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign, FISHLOVE is a campaign founded by actress Greta Scacchi and photographed by John Rankin to spread awareness about the dangers of overfishing. "Fish stocks are at a critical level. This could not only  see fish wiped out, but could have a devastating impact on the climate. "There is a real chance of turning things around, and celebrities are a great way of raising awareness," Scacchi explained.

The photographs (more seen after the jump) will be on display starting October 25 at the Pertwee, Anderson & Gold gallery in London, coinciding with an EU summit which will address the overfishing issue.

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Items Du Jour: Lana Del Rey Covers GQ, Katie Holmes Opens Up About Designing

Gisele Bundchen for ESPRIT+ "Born to Die" singer Lana Del Rey covers British GQ in nothing more than jewelry. Dubbed Woman of the Year by the men's magazine, her editorial on the inside of the glossy is apparently just as risque.

+ David Sims photographed Gisele Bundchen for the latest ESPRIT campaign, which features Mrs. Brady in a cool, tailored suit coupled with tousled sex hair (because that's totally how everyone wears their locks to work).

+ Singer of the infectious "Call Me Maybe" hit, Carly Rae Jepsen, is expanding her empire by modeling for Wet Seal. To celebrate the union, the clothing store is giving shoppers a chance to win a shopping spree with Jepsen, as well as tickets to see her and Justin Bieber in concert.

+ Katie Holmes opens up to WWD about her fashion career, in which she claims that she's not afraid to fail (although anyone with a hefty divorce settlement from Tom Cruise would also probably not be too afraid to waste money).

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Kim Kardashian Upset Over Nude W Photos

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Reality star and occasional model Kim Kardashian has blasted W Magazine on her show for a nude shoot she did back in October for their November Art issue.

Despite having previously posed nude in Playboy and Harper's Bazaar, Kim was extremely upset over what she claims was misrepresented when pitched to her:

"Oh my God, I'm more naked that I was in Playboy. I'm so mad right now. [The magazine] promised I would be covered with artwork -- you can see the nipples! The whole concept was sold to me that nothing would be seen. I feel so taken advantage of … I've definitely learned my lesson. I'm never taking my clothes off again, even if it's for Vogue."

What never compelled her to confirm that minor stipulation with the magazine is beyond me. Considering the lengths she seems to go to grab headlines, I can't seem to buy her story. Moreover, I think that it's laughable that she'd think there's a possibility in Anna Wintour's this reality that Vogue would ever ask her to be in their magazine.

W, of course, was quick to respond:

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Quote of the Day: Tom Ford on His Naked Interview

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"I explained how when I come home I actually take off all my clothes, and I wear no clothes until I leave. I eat naked. I do everything completely naked. He said, 'That would make a great interview.' I said, 'Fine, we have to do it nude.' ... Anyway, we did the interview. The interviewer was straight, and I made it a point to desexualize the interview even though I was sitting with my legs wide open, completely naked. At the end of the interview, I put on a dressing gown and he put on his clothes, and I sat next to him on the sofa and said, 'Was that sexual?' He said, 'Absolutely not.' And I said, 'That’s because I didn’t make it sexual. Sexuality is in the eyes, it’s an expression, it’s in a look.' Then, all of a sudden, I looked at him in a very different way, and it made him very nervous."

-- Fashion designer Tom Ford on a very nontraditional interview he once had.

(Make sure to check out other notable quotes.)

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Charlie Le Mindu Sends Naked Models Down Runway

Charlie Le Mindu Spring/Summer 2011

We’ve seen some bizarre runway looks over the past year. Now wigmaker and Lady Gaga favorite Charlie Le Mindu is sending his own fashion shock waves by sending his models down the catwalk in their birthday suits for his Spring/Summer 2011 line.

While nudity is nothing new to the fashion industry (heck, many times, it’s embraced!), there are usually clothes involved—sheer, in most cases. This Frenchman, however, clearly wanted to highlight the hat, purse, and platform boots the nude models wore.

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Italy Deems Julianne Moore Ads Indecent

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Julianne Moore for Bulgari

For a city known for its Renaissance paintings that feature plenty of women wearing little clothing in a continent that seems to wonder why many Americans fear nudity, it may come as a shock to many that Venice, Italy has banned the above Bulgari ad, starring actress from its scheduled billboard duties.

“An advertisement showing a nude woman on a divan is not appropriate for St Mark’s Square,” Mayor Giorgio Orsoni said.

While Moore may not have clothes on, the smiling, playful lion cubs seem to diffuse the expected sexual charge of the photo. That, of course, wasn’t enough for the folks who oversee what is posted around their city…

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Items Du Jour: Karl on Gossip Girl, Dita Von Teese For JPG

Blake Lively and Karl Lagerfeld—Fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin recently shot Daria Werbowy for Yves Saint Laurent. The pair explain the appeal of women like her and Raquel Zimmerman: they’re—gasp—women.

—Megan Fox impresses her boss Giorgio by wearing an Armani Prive dress for her wedding in Hawaii. The gown had a 16ft train and was surprisingly neither black nor red and was rather conservative compared to her usual red carpet fare.

—Karl Lagerfeld was seen strolling around Paris with Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, sparking rumors that the designer is to appear on the show. He is after


commercial domination, after all…

—Muse and couture collector Daphne Guinness was spotted hopping onto a motorcycle as she left Chanel’s couture fashion show yesterday. Yes, she wore shorts under her lavish, sparkling gown. Are you surprised?

—David Sims photographs Freja Beha Erichsen, Monika Jagaciak and Tati Cotliar for the Valentino Fall 2010 campaign. Continuing with the black-and-white trend, the women also tend to shed more clothes than usual in the series.

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